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FeedCreator::_generateFilename (  )  [inherited]

Generate a filename for the feed cache file. The result will be $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] with the extension changed to .xml. For example:

echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]."\n"; echo FeedCreator::_generateFilename();

would produce:

/rss/latestnews.php latestnews.xml

string the feed cache filename
1.4 private

Reimplemented in MBOXCreator.

Definition at line 449 of file feedcreator.class.php.

Referenced by FeedCreator::saveFeed(), and FeedCreator::useCached().

        $fileInfo = pathinfo($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]);
        return substr($fileInfo["basename"],0,-(strlen($fileInfo["extension"])+1)).".xml";

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