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FeedCreator Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for FeedCreator:

AtomCreator03 MBOXCreator OPMLCreator PIECreator01 RSSCreator091 RSSCreator10 UniversalFeedCreator RSSCreator20

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Detailed Description

FeedCreator is the abstract base implementation for concrete implementations that implement a specific format of syndication.

Kai Blankenhorn <kaib@bitfolge.de>

Definition at line 307 of file feedcreator.class.php.

Public Member Functions

 _createAdditionalElements ($elements, $indentString="")
 _createGeneratorComment ()
 _generateFilename ()
 _redirect ($filename)
 addItem ($item)
 createFeed ()
 saveFeed ($filename="", $displayContents=true)
 useCached ($filename="", $timeout=3600)

Static Public Member Functions

 iTrunc ($string, $length)

Public Attributes

 $additionalElements = Array()
 $contentType = "text/xml"
 $items = Array()

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